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Making No Sense
 2 gold particles are collided and the thousands of tracks you see shooting out are all sub atomic particles!

Really Weird Stuff...

Strange but true?

Empty Space Isn't Empty At All
The Quantum world doesn't like to be pinned down. You can determine a particle as a point or a wave but not both at the same time and you can 'see' where a particle is but can't measure it's speed and vice versa. So we can never truly 'know' the quantum world. However, in a total vacuum that is absolutely empty of everything we can surely know that there is nothing there, no particles no charges, nothing?
So this of course would invalidate the theory that we can never 'know' the quantum world.
But experiments show that it's not empty... it appears that there's actually a lot going on with quantum charges and energies popping in and out of existence all the time!

The double slit experiment shows the dilemna for scientists as light, electrons, etc., can either behave as particles or as waves and how if one particle passes through one slit a ghostly particle will go through the other. But as this is just in the tiny quantum world it never effects us of course...
But the theory does actually predict that it will scale up and everything, including you and me, will also have it's own ghostly image going along with it. This seems nonsense but experiments in scaling up a group of atoms to a size which can actually be viewed with a normal microscope show that this wave duality still persists...

Quantum Electronics
The ability for electromagnetic particles such as light to go through two slits at once as a proper particle and a ghost particle may be able to be utilised in x-rays for example, where an actual x-ray is not desireable due to radiation damage but we can use it's ghostly counterpart to still achieve the x-ray results!
There's also the possibility of using it in computers and running a ghost programme to get an answer without actually using up any of the computers memory!

Keep A Careful Watch
As we can never truly know or predict the quantum world then it means that if we were to keep checking on something at very frequent intervals we could actually effect how long it would last. For example very frequent observation of a decaying particle should actually stop it decaying as otherwise we'd be able to predict that it would decay by the next time we looked. Again this seems nonsense but has been proved in a laboratory...
The implication is that if you were to observe something at the most infinitely small elapses of time - smaller than the time it takes for something to change within that period - then you can effectively freeze time itself...

Quantum theory predicts that if two particles are linked but then seperated, then by causing a change in one it will instantly change the other. This would happen regardless of how far the two are seperated - centimetres, kilometres or even light years apart. But nothing can travel faster than light so we create a dilemna... it means that either there are forces faster than the speed of light (which would create all kinds of other dilemnas) or everything we are looking at in the quantum world is not actually there and it's all just our own perception, or that we have no free will to measure things and everything that happens has been pre-determined...

Invisible Force Fields
If you shield a magnet with a suitable sheet of material you can completely remove the magnetic field from the area at the other side of the sheet. Careful measurements show that there is absolutely no field or anything else there at all. However, fire an electron through that area and it shudders as if it's hit an invisible force field. This proves that we are not fully understanding magnetic fields either...

Multiple Universes
This may seem just science fiction but it is amazingly the conclusion that many scientists are coming to accept. The problem is the uncertainty principle which gives us such a headache in trying to understand how we can either measure things as one thing or another but not both. If you set out to measure electromagnetism as a particle then that's exactly what your instruments will record, if you set out to measure it as a wave then that's exactly what your instruments will record. You can measure the speed of a particle but then can't identify where it is and you can identify where it is but can't measure the speed... the conclusion that some are now accepting is that all options are possible to measure because they are all actually true. Every particle exists in every possible state in multiple and parallel universes and so it is possible to measure it in any way possible...

Of course the real problem we have in understanding particle physics is that we are severely restricted due to the fact that we are human beings and all our senses and brains are designed for living in the simple solid world around us. Our brains struggle to cope with the mad, mad, mad quantum world that surrounds us all and where absolutely anything is possible!

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